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Psychological Therapy


A safe space for support & treatment

I offer psychological services to individual adults via a secure online platform to bring the therapy to you. You can access therapy from anywhere you have stable internet  coverage. At the beach, shops, office, home, or on top of a mountain  – just head to a quite area and connect to the session using your unique telehealth link which is emailed to you on booking. 

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Therapy GOALS

Online Psychology Australia

Online psychology, otherwise known as e-psychology or telehealth is psychological therapy provided via video or telephone. You can access psychological therapy from the comfort of your own home with no interruptions in the case of relocation or travel. Click the button below to learn more about telehealth psychology.

Schedule Telehealth Session

If you would like to schedule your telehealth session, please click the button below to book in directly via the portal.

Alternatively, email me as there is flexibility in appointment times that are not displayed on the calendar.

Beginners Guide to Psychological Therapy

New to psychological therapy? If you are thinking about starting psychological therapy, but are unsure about what happens in the initial session, if your therapist will judge you, how long therapy will last, or what to talk about, have a read of our beginners guide to psychological therapy.