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I am glad that you have taken the first steps to seeking psychological support and found your way to my website. Together, we can work to improve your mental health and make meaningful changes.

Starting therapy can be daunting and anxiety provoking. This is normal. It is also very normal to be unsure what to expect or have an idea about therapy due to a past experience. You may also feel relieved and excited. No-one’s start to therapy and experience of therapy is the same. If you have completed sessions in the past, the experience now may be similar or it may be completely different. Together, we can work to navigate the initial sessions, goals, and create the space you need to make the meaningful changes to support your mental health.

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Therapy provides a safe space to be seen, heard,
learn, grow, and heal.

You can book your first session with me by clicking the button below or sending me an email.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are a range of experiences clients have during therapy. Typically, at the start there are many unknowns associated with therapy which can be confronting. However, therapy usually soon becomes a safe space for you to experience vulnerabilities, validation, support, and empowerment.

Each therapy session varies depending on what you would like to focus on or what is happening in your life, however your overall goals will serve as a guide for us. Some sessions will be harder than others and some sessions will be more enjoyable than others. Because I offer online therapy rather than having you travel to me, you can create a comfortable environment for your session.

During your time in therapy, you are likely to learn more about yourself and learn new ways of coping with transitions, challenges, distress, change, and so on. You may also start to feel worse, which is a very normal experience. Therapy can complicate your life as it involves looking at yourself, relationships, and your life differently, and making changes that better support your mental health.

If at any stage you get a sense that you are not making progress, it is important that we discuss this. Perhaps you need a change in approach or a different therapist. It could also be time to press that pause button and allow yourself some time to implement strategies before re-commencing.

The initial session is all about getting comfortable and safe. It can be daunting and confronting seeing a psychologist for the first time and takes getting used to talking to a stranger about your life experience and difficulties.

Firstly, we will cover formalities such as consent and confidentiality.

Second, we will discuss your reason for coming to therapy as well as your current situation, life experiences, hobbies and interests, difficulties and strengths, values, and life directions. Together we will also discuss your goals for therapy and work out a plan for creating the meaningful change.

The pace of therapy will be set by you. You choose what you want to disclose and the depth of information. You also choose what you would like to work on and what changes you need to make (if any).

Therapy is different for everyone. I never keep a client in therapy for longer than they need.

Some clients choose to complete intensive periods of therapy, take a break (for months or years), and then come back for either a few sessions or an intensive period again.

Other clients choose to engage in therapy for several months and then find they never need therapy again.

The number of sessions and frequency of session are decided together. If you have a certain deadline or end date we can set realistic goals for your timeframe.

At no point in time are you obligated to continue therapy sessions. You control the booking of sessions and can choose to end therapy at any stage.

Online psychology (also known as e-therapy, e-psychology, telehealth, telepsychology) is exactly the same as face to face psychology sessions, except rather than you having to travel to see your psychologist you just make yourself comfortable and connect to the session via your laptop, phone, desktop computer, tablet, etc. To learn more click here

Once you book your session, you will receive some forms to complete and reminder notifications. You will also receive your unique session link. Just click on this at your session time to start the video call.

If you live in an area that does not have internet to support video calls, please let me know prior to the session time so we can arrange for me to call you on your phone via my phone. The same applies if you are travelling or if there is an internet outage in your area. If I am experiencing difficulties, I will let you know so we can arrange for the session to be held via the telephone.

You may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare (Services Australia). Please see you GP for a valid referral prior to your psychology session.

You may be eligible for a rebate from your private health insurance. Please speak to them about your individual cover.

If you are eligible for psychology through NDIS funding, you will be entitled to a rebate. Processing this depends on your care needs and plan. Please speak to your care manger or coordinator.

You can schedule your psychology sessions by emailing me or book directly. 

I welcome referrals. If your GP, psychiatrist, support coordinator, etc wants to send me a referral for you, please ask them to email me at

Alternatively, I accept self-referring clients (no referral necessary).