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Information + Consent

Welcome to Zenith Humans – Psychology. Our terms of service and your rights and responsibilities in relation to information security, access, and confidentiality as well as your obligations regarding fees, cancellations, and rebates are provided below. On the client portal, you will be able to complete this form with your details. You will also be asked details about your emergency contact person and treating team.

Zenith Humans is a multidisciplinary company which provides psychological services with a registered psychologist. Services are delivered online. It is our belief that by providing evidence-based and ethical services everyone who is wanting to change can achieve their therapy goal.

As a part of the provision of psychological services, your psychologist will need to collect and record personal information from and about you. This is a necessary part of service and guides treatment. Please ensure that you provide comprehensive and honest information to help us meet treatment needs. You do not need to provide all of your personal information, but if you don’t, this may impact on our service delivery. All notes taken in the course of your treatment and all communications relating to your treatment become a part of your clinical records. Information is stored using secure electronic systems that adhere to Australian Privacy Laws and which you consent to as a patient of this practice. You have a general right to access your records (subject to some exceptions which mainly relate to privacy, health, or legal considerations) and can request access to your records. Your request must be made in writing, after which your request will be discussed with you. We are required to store your information for 7 years after ceasing engagement with your treating psychologist. If you have further questions, please ask your treating practitioner.

All information provided in the process of consultation is confidential, except when: (1) It is subpoenaed by a court (2) Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at risk of harm (3) Where the treating practitioners is seeking peer support from other practitioners in the clinic to provide you with the best service (4) Your prior approval has been obtained to: (a) provide a written report to another professional or agency—e.g. to a psychiatrist; or (b) Discuss the material with another person—e.g. a parent or employer (5) If the disclosure is required by law If you claim rebates from funding bodies, your psychologist and other doctors and health practitioners involved in your care may be required to provide summary reports to referring doctors, specialists and/or agencies regarding your progress. Health research using de-identified data may be undertaken by this practice, by funding bodies, or by this practice’s technology providers, which you consent to as a patient of this practice. Only the assigned practitioner can access your session notes and administration staff see limited information to support you with bookings. If you have been referred by a medical professional then it is usual practice to provide written reports. The reports provide limited information about your progress with the authorised treatment. You have the right to refuse this consent. However, your refusal may mean that you will not be able to proceed with services at the clinic, especially if they are funded through a collaborative government scheme that requires reporting.

Sessions will take place using telepsychology technology meaning your session will be just like that in a in-person setting however will take place using video or telephone technology.

As a part of the psychologists training, the session(s) may be recorded (image and or sounds). This will be discussed with you prior.

The cost of a session (up to 50 minutes) is $215. Fees are payable at the time of you booking your appointment. You may be able to claim a rebate through your private health insurer, NDIS, Medicare, or other funding bodies. Please discuss this with them. We use Halaxy secure online payment system and accept payment by select credit cards. You are required to enter your card details to be stored by us at the time of booking your appointment in the unlikely event we need to process service-related fees. Alternatively, email us to make your psychology session booking and pay via direct bank transfer.

Cancellation, Postpone, and No-Show Policy
If you need to cancel or postpone an appointment, we require at least 96 business hours notice. Cancellations less than 96 business hours notice will incur the full fee ($215). Similarly, if you do not attend the session the full fee charge will remain. This fee is not claimable through Medicare or private health. As full fee amount will be automatically debited from your nominated debit/credit card at the time of booking, it will not be refunded. Should you in some way cancel the payment, we will make efforts to debit the owed funds from your nominated debit/credit card at the time of cancellation or no show or an invoice will be sent via post/email if this is not able to be processed. In the unlikely event that this fee is not paid, we reserve the right to utilize a debit collection service to recoup the funds. There is a possibility that your psychologist may cancel the session in the unforeseen event including but not limited to a crisis, disaster, or sickness. You will have your payment stored as a credit for your next session.

Time and Punctuality
A session usually lasts up to 50 minutes. If you are late, your consultation will still finish at the scheduled time to be fair to your treating psychologist and other patients. There is a possibility that your psychologist may be late in the unforeseen event of a crisis, disaster, or sickness. Your session will still proceed for the allocated 45 – 50 minutes.

Confirming Appointments
It remains your responsibility to be aware of your scheduled appointments. While we endeavor to remind clients of appointments, we do not contact you to confirm appointments.

Australian Psychological Society (APS) Charter for Clients of Psychologists
On the APS website you will find a charter developed by Australia’s national professional organisation for psychologists, the APS. This charter outlines your rights as a client of a psychologist, including what you can expect from your provider. Please read this charter carefully.

Outside of your Session
Please respect that your psychologist is not available outside of your scheduled session.

We do not have coverage for emergencies. In the case of an emergency, you should contact your nearest hospital emergency department, or dial 000. Alternatively, you may contact supports such as Lifeline or the Acute Care Team.

Social Media and Email
Zenith Humans has an online presence. Please consider your mental health, privacy, and confidentiality before commenting, following, and so forth on social medial posts. Services will not be provided via any social media, email, messaging, or similar mediums. Your emails, messages etc. will not be read by your psychologist unless there is prior discussion and agreement to facilitate treatment. Circumstances may include you sending a reply email acknowledging you received a resource or when you are a part of an email chain with your other health professionals. The exception is when you send back this completed form, which will be read and stored.

You will be asked to consent to:
  1. All services at the clinic are provided by practitioners and staff at Zenith Humans
  2. I will be engaging in psychological treatment
  3. There are circumstances under which the confidentiality of the information I provide may be broken
  4. As part of the psychologists training, session(s) may be recorded, but that I will always be told in advance
  5. The clinic has no emergency coverage, but I understand where help should otherwise be sought
  6. Fees are payable at the time of booking and I aware of and understand cancellation, postponement, and no-show policy. I will claim my own rebates if eligible.
  7. Zenith Humans has an online presence, and I am encouraged to consider privacy, confidentially, and my mental health if engaging
  8. Services are offered through the telepsychology technology only
  9. I can withdraw from treatment at any time without prejudicing any future treatment