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Nicole Trewick

Clinical Registrar Psychologist

Telehealth Psychology


In-Person Psychology

Gold Coast, QLD

A safe space for meaningful change

Are you interested in gaining insight, managing difficult emotions, learning new coping skills, increasing your sense of self-worth, and living according to your values? Psychological therapy is offered for a range of mental health presentations including anxiety, mood disorders, trauma, psychosis, life transitions and direction, addictions, and stress. Performance psychology is also offered for adult and youth athletes and professionals wanting to improve their game and maximize their performance potential. Referrals welcome.

Hello + Welcome

I’m a registered psychologist (clinical registrar) offering psychological interventions and support for prevention and treatment of a range of mental health presentations. My approach is eclectic and holistic, valuing clients strengths and self-expertise. 

Get in touch

For all telehealth enquiries please email. Direct referrals via medical objects (6139771Y).  

For in-person sessions please contact Mind and Memory Service.

New Clients

If you are new to therapy or have not had a session with Zenith Humans | Psychology, please head to the new client page which has additional information just for you. You are also very welcome to email with any questions. 

Therapy Bookings

If you are ready to schedule your telehealth therapy session, please click the button below to book. Alternatively, please contact me via email.

In-Person Sessions

For psychological therapy delivered in-person please contact Mind and Memory Service.

Accepting self-referred clients as well as clients with mental health care/ treatment plans. Rebates from Medicare, private health insurance, and NDIS may be available.

telehealth psychology australia

Telehealth provides a convenient and safe way to access therapy with no geographical, travel, or mobility barriers.

telehealth psychology australia

Accessing therapy is important. That’s why sessions are offered on both weekdays and weekends.